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  Granny Ms  


Plants used for the salve are grown organically in our gardens and harvested with gratitude, care, respect.

This salve contains: young birch and willow leaf, willow bark, poplar buds, soothing hops, lemonbalm, rosemary, comfrey, a small amount of arnica steeped in an olive oil base and thickened only with our beeswax, containing bee propolis.

Each formula is synergistic with each herb working with others in the correct proportion and action. It retains the fragrance of poplar buds in spring.

!ATTENTION! People with ALLERGY to ASPIRIN cannot use this LINIMENT!

Over the years folks have used it for muscle ache, strain and sprain, sports injury, helping to heal broken bone areas, fibromyalgia and to alleviate chronic arthritic type conditions. Personally Granny M has a back broken in infancy, with non-tolerance for pharmaceutical painkillers and this salve makes a very active life worth living. 

"The Liniment came to my rescue when I had to return to work, on my feet, with an ankle that was still healing after a nasty break. I would limp out of the shower, apply liniment and the pain would stop instantly! The ankle stayed painfree for most of the day. If pain recurred it would go away with a fresh application. I never needed more than 2 or 3 applications a day. Amazing stuff!"

Ien Van Houten, Nakusp, British Columbia Canada 

I used many different types of natural/organic

healing ointments, liniments, lotions, gels and

homeopathic products in an effort to accelerate

my healing process after getting hit by a truck

while walking home on Dec 20th 2016.

No single item worked nearly as well as Granny M's

Liniment for my broken bones and deep bruises.

It worked liked magic. This is the real deal - pure, clean

handmade and made with love and positive intentions.


Tell her I sent you (no financial arrangement here

 just knowledge of what a great product this truly is)!

 David J. Peebler, New Jersey, USA.

All our HERBAL SALVES are contained in compostable packaging.

Made with care and HEALING INTENT for the planet   and you.