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  Granny Ms  



Plants used for the salve are grown organically in our gardens and harvested with gratitude, care, respect.

This salve contains: chickweed, calendula, horsetail, comfrey, plaintain and lemonbalm steeped in an olive oil base and thickened only with our beeswax, containing bee propolis. A little orange oil is added for fragrance.

Over the years folks have used it for burns, sunburn, windburn, frostbite, fungus infection, rashes, itch, eczema, bug bites, wounds that won't heal, surgical wounds that won't heal, open wounds, abscess, cat abscess, canine hotspots, bedsores, dry skin, chapped skin, scarring and the pain associated with skin conditions and injury.

"It has quickly cured yeast diaper rash, cradle cap and newborn skin rashes. It healed a deep cut of my husband's. My 2 year old requests the 'magic creme' for all her toddler boo-boos. It's our family's favourite all-purpose first-aid salve. Thank-you for an organic, superior product made without hype and phoney packaging!"

Nancy Knull, Crooked Creek Alberta Canada.

"This product is awesome. I spent 2 years with cracked and bleeding fingertips from Dryness. I had every salve and ointment from the Doctor but nothing worked. Except your product. Thanks again for solving my problem."

Ron Messier, Yellowknife Yukon Canada. 

" This salve healed my caesarian incision within a few days. It  had been open for close to 2 years. Nothing the doctors had had helped."

D. Peters, Burns Lake, BC. Canada

  Handmade with healing intent
for  the planet and you.