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  Granny Ms  


DISCLAIMER: The laws in Canada and elsewhere are more and more restrictive towards natural and so-called alternative therapies. Especially ones that work.
Granny M acknowledges that the allopathic medical profession and the pharmaceutical companies are the LEGAL? regulators of products for HUMAN health and they possess way more money that we do.

Granny M advises that the ultimate responsibility for health rests with the individual, and that her products are to be used only by ANIMALS. If you consider yourself a member of the planet's animal species we may have similar outlook on life.
The universe is a co-operative venture with human beings equal in importance and reliant on ALL of it. If your outlook is similar our healing products tend to work for YOU. They have been proven for about 30 years now to relieve pain and suffering.
Proving this statement in a laboratory plus the finances for advertising our work are beyond us at present.
You do have our love and healing intent which very slowly is being 'proven as real.'

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Skin Salve 60ml. jar-  19.99
Skin Salve 150ml. jar- 39.99

Herbal Liniment 60ml. jar-  19.99
Herbal Liniment 150ml. jar- 39.99

Toothpaste Powder 60ml. jar-  14.99
Toothpaste Powder 150ml. jar- 29.99