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  Granny Ms  


Reiki- a way of conscious living.

Using the energy transfer methods of reiki empowers children and parents, all people to take responsibility for dealing with life’s challenges and stresses and their own health.

If you’ve held your hands to comfort a sore tummy, a headache or an accidental bump, you have already begun to use human energy to soothe and heal. What is not obvious to people is that using and channeling the energy is as beneficial for the person on the chaneling end as it is for the receiver of reiki.

The different degrees of reiki, for me, denote the degree of conscious, learned, aware, evolved, clear and intentful use of this type of healing energy.

Humans seem to possess a natural ability to channel energy through their hands. Ancient cultures, such as the Australian aboriginals were aware of the physical and mystical powers of human hands. After years of study I have come to the realization that all healing methods stem from those developed over the course of human history; these are used by shamans ancient and modern.

(Doctors and pharmaceutical industry need your belief in their methods for them to work.) To a degree Granny Ms reiki will not work without a minimal belief that this is possible.

For those of you scientifically inclined, these methods and philosophies have now found some verification in the realm of quantum physics.
These views are not aligned though if your thinking is inclined to a fundamental concept of original sin.
I like to think of Reiki as being incorporated into the human genetic coding as the birthright of all people.

Being the human being that I am, I do not adhere strictly to all the facets of the Usui system. In my personal journey I have taken what worked best for me about the reiki knowledge systems and have elaborated towards ancient sanskrit words, signs and methods. My practice also involves raising the healing energy through the chakras, as Bon Buddhist meditation practices teach.

I have also incorporated study of acupressure/acupuncture meridians to concentrate reiki energy where it is likely to do the most good for certain problems and symptoms and in this way it is also easier to feel the energy. I have described my method as Tummo Reiki and was surprised that a person in Indonesia, another Usui practitioner had come to the same realizations and similar methods are used by Tibetans.

*Just for today, do not allow yourself to be angry, excited, worried thereby wasting precious energy.

  • Cultivate an open mind that remains unattached to ego.

  • Be diligent in your service. Live from your highest self.

  • Give attention to your karma. Take time to meditate and find peace

  • Be kind. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude to all life, including your own personal situation.

  • Live in the present moment, for the point of power is in the now.