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  Granny Ms  


Granny Ms toothpaste powder was created because of the problem of painkiller allergy to the anesthetics used by dentists. When you can't be anesthetized for procedures it is best to keep teeth and gums as healthy as possible. Mainstream toothpastes just don't have the cleaning and disinfecting power to clean the mouth and keep gums healthy.

Our toothpaste powder is packaged in a compostable light plastic bag and is sent to you in 60ml. and    150ml. quantity for refills. If need be we can send it in  a jar.

60ml. lasts many people about 3-4 months. You choose a suitable container to keep it in; dipping a damp toothbrush in the powder to brush. Keep in mind that if several people share the bulk order everyone needs their own personal container.

Added benefit of this system is there is no toothpaste tubes to deal with!

The ingredients are:
  • sodium bicarbonate (whitens and refreshes)
  • pascalite clay (antifungal, antibacterial)
  • bentonite clay (draw toxins out of the body)
  •  organic tea tree oil (wonderful antibacterial especially good for healthy gums)

  Our plastic bags are compostable.      


  Carefully mixed by hand with healing intent for the planet and you.